Pneumatic and Hydraulic - Hex Shank

32 x 160mm


HEX SHANK 32.0 x 160mm (1¼” x 6¼”) Breaker Steels

A range of high quality breaker steels for use with pneumatic and electric breakers.

Perfectly suited to breaking a wide range of materials from asphalt through to the hardest concrete. The range includes moil points, wide chisels, tarmac cutters and clayspades.

Manufactured using the most advanced systems available and the very latest in heat treatment methods guaranteeing the same high quality across the range.

Use me for…

See data sheet on this page for further information – options on the 32.0 x 160mm breaker are – Moil Points / Narrow Chisels / Wide chisels / Tarmac Cutters / Clayspades / Tamping Pads and Stems

Please Download Data Sheet For Full Technical Specification 

Breaker Steels

Pneumatic and Hydraulic - Hex Shank

    Sizing Options

    Moil Point – 380mm under collarPart No. Y-32.0x160HX-MP380
    Moil Point – 450mm under collarPart No. Y-32.0x160HX-MP450
    Narrow Chisel – 380mm under collarPart No. Y-32.0x160HX-NC380
    Narrow Chisel – 450mm under collarPart No. Y-32.0x160HX-NC450
    75mm Wide Chisel – 380mm under collarPart No. Y-32.0x160HX-75WC380
    115mm Tarmac Cutter – 300mm under collarPart No. Y-32.0x160HX-115WTC300
    Clayspade – 135 x 205mm BladePart No. Y-32.0x160HX-135x205CS
    Stem for use with 160mm PadPart No. Y-32.0x160HX-STEM