Yokota, Toku & Red Rooster



Red Rooster Automotive offers pistol & straight case tools, with Red Rooster Industrial bringing an open grip, vibration controlled tool with a low 3.5m/s² vibration level. Lightweight chipping hammers from Toku feature a D-grip or open grip handle for ease of use and all tools are perfectly suited to close work in confined spaces where greater manoeuvrability is required. 

Lighter and more powerful than other types of hammers, pneumatic hammers can be used in almost all environments where other tools simply cannot be safely operated. 

All tools featured are manufactured to the highest possible standard, using only the highest quality raw materials and most advanced assembly techniques. 

Use me for…

The Red Rooster & Toku hammer ranges offer tools for all applications, from delicate & detailed stone masonry & building tasks through to higher powered 5-8kg lightweight hammers suited to foundry, rebar work, smaller demolition and civil engineering applications.


Toku, Red Rooster & Yokota
  • Chipping hammers
  • Scaling hammers
  • Vibration reduced hammers

Sizing Options

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TypeShank SizeBlows per minWeight Kg
TFC-200F 12,712,000 1,1
F-25 1) 12,7 x 16 x 284,0001,8
RR-0315 12,7 x 16 x 284,0002,6
TFC-257H 12,74,0001,73

Vibration Reduced

TypeShank SizeBlows per minWeight Kg
RRI-4021/4 1)⬡ 11 x ⬡ 12,7 x 404,5002,2
RRH-2000⬡ 11 x ⬡ 12,7 x 405,0001,5
AA-OBR(H)⬡ 12,7 x ⬡ 15 x 533,6002,6
BRH-6⬡ 10,2 x 403,5001,4
RRH-4309K⬡ 11 x ⬡ 12,7 x 403,2001,7
RRH-4312K⬡ 11 x ⬡ 12,7 x 402,1001,8
AA-1.3BR(H)19×50 2)⬡ 19 x 502,8004,5
THA-2BRH19x50⬡ 19 x 502,3006,8
THA-3BRH19x50⬡ 11 x ⬡ 12,7 x 402,2007,2
THA-4BRH19x50⬡ 19 x 501,8007,8
TCD-20⬡ 22 x 822,00011,4