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Angle Grinders


All Red Rooster Automotive & Toku Industrial Angle Grinders offer fully mechanically governed motors to prevent over speeding and to increase safety. In addition they incorporate vibration damping side handles to increase operator comfort along with integral spindle locks for single tool wheel change along with adjustable wheel guards. 

All tools featured are manufactured to the highest possible industrial standard, using only the highest quality raw materials and most advanced assembly techniques.

Use me for…

Suitable for all grinding, cutting and sanding applications, our range of pneumatic angle grinders are designed for use with a wide range of abrasives from coated abrasive sanding pads to resin bonded cutting / grinding discs & diamond tools. Available from DURO UK.

Angle Grinders

Red Rooster & Toku
  • Ergonomic design, well balanced
  • Compact and lightweight
  • For cutting and grinding purposes
  • Exhaust silenced
  • Some models without dead handle
  • Models with vibration reduced dead handle

Sizing Options

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100 x (0,8-6) x 16​

TypeWheel Size mmRPMPower Kw
RRG-1046AL100 x (0,8-1,0) x 1614,0000,76
G-40SRF100 x (0,8-6) x 1613,0000,39
RRG-2134*100 x (0,8-6) x 1612,0001,04
TAG-40FLH*100 x (0,8-6) x 1613,0000,55
RRG-2144*115 x (0,8-7) x 22,212,0001,04
G-40EF*115 x (0,8-7) x 22,2 13,0000,60
TAG-45MLH*115 x (0,8-7) x 22,2 13,0000,67
RRG-2155*125 x (0,8-7) x 22,2 12,0001,04
G-50EF*125 x (0,8-7) x 22,2 12,0000,60
TAG-50MLH*125 x (0,8-7) x 22,2 12,0000.67
RRI-G50HP*125 x (0,8-7) x 22,2 12,0001,32
RRI-G70*125 x (0,8-7) x 22,2 8,5002
G-70EF*180 x (1,6-8) x 22,2 8,5001,12
TAG-700QJL*180 x (1,6-8) x 22,2 8,5001,10
TAG-900QJL*230 x (1,9-8) x 22,2 6,500 1,10

RRI G50 angle grinders Red Rooster

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