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Cordless System Wrenches Introduction


YOKOTA impulse wrenches are powerful, very accurate and most important, have no kick-back. The YOKOTA system e-wrench has a built-in torque transducer and angle-encoder on the main shaft and is wireless connected to a controller. Each controller can connect with up to 4 independently operating battery system e-wrenches. The YOKOTA battery system e-wrench is the perfect solution for applications where cables or hoses are disruptive, and still all tightening data needs to be checked and documented.

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Cordless System Wrenches

Intelligent Assembly Solutions
  • Complete freedom of movement by use of batteries
  • Very low weight / torque ratio
  • High speed fastening
  • Acoustic and LED signals for tightening status indication
  • No Kickback
  • Electric (brushless) servo drive, freely RPM adjustable
  • Hybrid technology
  • 100% check on tightening abnormalities like cross thread, double hit, etc.

Sizing Options

System configuration

  • Possible to connect 4 tools with the wireless unit
  • WLAN communication between tool and controller
  • Poka Yoke compatible
  • Traceability tightening data
  • LAN and RS 232 interface
  • I/O terminal for input and output signals

Wireless unit WU-1

  • Parameter input with PC-1 or computer
  • USB: setting data back up and restore, memory read out.
  • Memory for 10.000 cycles per tool
  • Tightening results on DS-1 and/or PC-1
  • 4 display connections

Display DS-1

  • Display shows: tool number, program, torque, OK/NOK, angle, number of pulses, remaining tightenings.

Programming consol PC-1

  • For setting the parameters
  • Tightening results are displayed
  • OK/NOK is displayed