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Drills - Pistol Models


RED ROOSTER pistol drills perfectly suited to precision jobs in white goods, furniture and the aluminium industry. Models suitable for industrial applications with two-step trigger allowing easy setting of the drill tip at first stage, and afterwards high rpm for maximum drilling speed.

RR-10DP Drill 10mm 1800 rpm – is the ideal tool for the workshop and light industrial applications. Composite body in ergonomic shape to support the operator. Including a keyless drill chuck.

RRI-2116P* Air Drill 16 mm – This RED ROOSTER drill is suitable for industrial and heavy-duty applications.

Red Rooster & Yokota DRILLS

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Air exhaust through grip, silenced
  • Ergonomic design
  • Left- and right rotation

Sizing Options

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TypeCapacity Steel mmSpindle SizeSpeed RPM
RRI-20066,53/8″ x 24 UNF 5,000
RRI-2206/286,53/8″ x 24 UNF 2,800
RRI-2206/406,53/8″ x 24 UNF 4,000
YRD-6NBK6-83/8″ x 24 UNF 2,800
YRD-8NBK8-103/8″ x 24 UNF 1,900
RR-10DP 1)103/8″ x 24 UNF 1,800
YRD-10NBK10-131/2″ x 20 UNF 1,000
YRD-13NBK131/2″ x 20 UNF 700
RR-13DP 1)133/8″ x 24 UNF 800
RRI-2116P 2)161/2″ x 20 UNF 950

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