Impact Wrenches - Straight Models


Our impact wrench range is available in 3/8”, ½”, ¾” & 1” square drives covering M12 to M36 bolt sizes and offering a maximum torque level of 2700Nm. 

The Red Rooster Industrial range will cover most general assembly and disassembly applications, with our Toku Industrial range offering the highest possible quality level available. Suitable for all domestic and commercial vehicle maintenance applications through to civil engineering & the offshore industry.

The MI-3800 series has a closed hammer impact mechanism designed specifically for the heavy industrial and tool hire sectors. The closed hammer design vastly reduces any tool damage risks associated with incorrect use. 

All tools featured are manufactured to the highest possible standards using only the highest quality raw materials and most advanced assembly techniques. 

Use me for…

Models developed for tightening and untightening apllications. The closed hammer mechanism can virtually not be damaged hence applicable for heavy duty applications.

Models developed for the Trucktire – service to shut-off at a preset torque level.

Models suitable for use in the construction, shipyard, infrastructure, railways and heavy industry.

Long anvil models especially suited for the tire service to trucks and busses.

Impact Wrenches

Straight Shape
  • Ergonomic design, well balanced
  • Compact design
  • Power adjustable
  • Maximum power and minimal maintenance

Sizing Options

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TypeSquare DriveBolt Capacity mmTorque Nm
MI-38ESR1″36 1850
MI-38ELR 2)1″36 1800
MI-590TR 3)1″36 1850
MI-3800ESR1″36 2100
MI-3800ELR 2)1″36 2000
MI-42ESR1″42 2850
MI-42ELR 2)1″42 2800
MI-4500ESR1″45 2900
MI-4500ELR 2)1″45 2900
MI-5500ES1½”52 5500
RRI-10611½”52 5950

1) Type: H = Hole type, R + H = Ring + Hole Type / 2) L = Long spindle / 3) Impact wrench with shut-off in forward (450-700 Nm) / 4) Air consumption of impact wrenches is measured under load