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Polyurethane Spiral Air Hoses


No kinks after bending!
The hose stretches easily and retracts automatically. This increases productivity and safety.

Use me for…

Very well suitable for combination with balancers

Polyurethane Air Hoses

  • Both ends executed with universal swivel-joints
  • Provided with straight ends of 10 and 50 cm
  • Increased flexibility, no kinks after bending
  • Max. pressure 8 bar
  • Oil and petrol resistant
  • Temperature -20°C. up to +60°C
  • Swivel executed with ballbearings
  • Can be used in combination with balancers

Sizing Options

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TypeWorking Length (m)Internal DiaJoint Connection
PT-02510SJ26,5 mm1/4″
PT-02525SJ46,5 mm1/4″
PT-02550SJ96,5 mm1/4″
PT-03525SJ48 mm1/4″
PT-03550SJ98 mm1/4″
PT-04525SJ4,29,5 mm3/8″
PT-04550SJ99,5 mm3/8″

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