Battery Shut-Off Screwdriver

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RED ROOSTER Cordless shut-off screwdriver. Very well suited for assembly applications with a need of good torque accuracy.

Especially in areas where cables and hoses impede handling flexibility, such as interiors of cars, coaches and trains.


Battery, charger, programmer and power cord have to be ordered separately, see accessories

Use me for…

  • The ergonomic handle design makes work easier and effortsaving that promotes the work efficiency.
  • Torque accuracy: meet ISO 5393 Cmk>2 at ±10% tolerance.
  • Precision clutch with low reaction forces.
  • Trigger repeat protection avoids "double hits".
  • Brushless motor: ensures low maintenance.
  • Highly durable gear: ensures low maintenance.
  • Precision shut-off clutch: ensures quality in tightening.
  • Ergonomic rubber grip: ensures operator performance.
  • Delivery includes hanger bracket.

Sizing Options

See Data Sheet (link above) for full technical specifications

RRI-BS SeriesDrive SizeTorque Range Nm
RRI-BS31/4″ Hex0,8 – 3
RRI-BS61/4″ Hex1 – 6
RRI-BS91/4″ Hex1,5 – 9
RRI-BS121/4″ Hex2 – 12

Programmer Features:

  • One programmer fits all RRI-BS series tools
  • Easy to set the tool speed:
    – high speed for metallic assemblies
    – medium speed for plastic assemblies
    – low speed for special assemblies
  • Total used time memory function
  • Total count memory function
  • Operation count memory function
  • Tool identification number

(All memory functions stored on printed circuit board in the tool)


Back Panel LED-Indications

  • A green light tells the operator that the preset torque is reached and the tightening is OK.
  • A red light and one long “beep” sound tells the operator that the preset torque is not reached, tightening must be performed again.
  • A flashing yellow light and five short “beep” sounds give an early warning when it is time for rechargingin the battery.
  • A yellow light and one long “beep” sound means the battery is empty and the tool can’t operate. A fully charged batttery should be placed to continue working.