Shut-Off Screwdrivers

Ind Screwdrivers - Introduction


The Red Rooster Industrial range of shut-off screwdrivers covers a torque range of 0.3-10Nm. Highly accurate with very low vibration levels. The ergonomic design throughout the range brings a high level of operator comfort along with low noise levels.  The high quality clutch design  brings  low reaction forces with high repeatability with low levels of kick back.

This air tool is designed for the assembly industry, where threaded fasteners are used. The wide range of speed & torque options brings  the best choice for the application.

The Red Rooster  Industrial screwdriver range covers  fixings & fastenings across a wide range of applications & assembly environments.

Our Red Rooster Industrial Range brings a choice of pistol or straight cases, a highly accurate range of tools developed for assembly applications.  Composite housings for greater operator comfort & low vibration throughout the range offering high accuracy (Cmk>2 at+/-10%). Precision manufactured lube-less air motors, with the option of air on top connection for all pistol models.

Use me for…
  • Low torque assembly applications
  • Assembly applications where torque accuracy is required
  • Areas where pneumatic or electric tools are impractical to use due to hoses/cables
  • Assembly of components in switch gear cabinets

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