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In order to support the weight of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric tools, the use of a spring balancer should be considered. The performance of the tools will be speeded up due to good balance and reduced operator fatigue, when using a spring balancer.


  • When heavy tools/machines have to be portable.
  • Fitting of centre lathe chuck.
  • Transportation of parts in a production line.

The models ELF and TW from TW-9 upwards have a safety mechanism which starts working in case of spring breakage.

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Standard Balancers & Long Stroke Balancers
  • Standard Models
  • Hosereel with integrated cable
  • Long stroke

Sizing Options

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Springbalancers: standard model

TypeCapacity kgCable LengthWeight kg


0,5 – 1,52m0,5


1 – 32m0,7
RRI-9005/12,5 – 52m0,9
EK-00,5 – 1,51m0,5
TW-31 – 31,3m1,4
TW-52,5 – 51,3m1,5
TW-94,5 – 91,3m3,4
TW-159 – 151,3m3,8
TW-2215 – 221,5m7,2
TW-3022 – 301,5m7,6
TW-4030 – 401,5m9,8
TW-5040 – 501,5m10,4
TW-6050 – 601,5m11,6
TW-7060 – 701,5m11,8
EPT-14120 – 1401,2m24,1
EPT-15140 – 1701,2m28,7
EPT-16170 – 2001,2m29,7

Springbalancers: Hosereel with integrated cable

TypeCapacity kgCable LengthWeight kg
HTB-00,5 – 1,51,3m1,58
HTB-11,5  – 31,3m1,66
HTB-23 – 51,3m1,73

Springbalancers: Long Stroke

TypeCapacity kgCable LengthWeight kg


1,5 – 32.5m4,1


3 – 52.5m4,2
ELF-95 – 92.5m4,7
ELF-159 – 152.5m10
ELF-2215 – 222.5m10.2
ELF-3022 – 302.5m11
ELF-4030 – 402.5m14
ELF-5040 – 502.5m14.5
ELF-6050 – 602.5m17
ELF-7060 – 702.5m18

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