Yokota & Toku

Straight Grinders


Both Yokota and TOKU straight grinders have double rows of bearings for long lifetime.

All vertical and straight grinders have a governor wheel for regulating the right speed of the grinding wheel. This reduces the risk of overspending and assures the best material removal.

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These straight grinders of Toku have double rows of bearings for a long lifetime. The grinders have an integrated speed-regulator for a maximum of safety and the optimal performance in material removal.

Straight Grinders

Yokota & Toku
  • Ergonomic design, well balanced
  • The air-exhaust is silenced
  • Safety start lever

Sizing Options

Visit www.rami-yokota.com for full product range and specifications¬†¬Ľ

TypeWheel Size mmRPMPower Kw
GS-2EFS 65 x 13 x 9.514,0000,45
TSG-3L75 x 13 x 9.511,5000,53
TSG-4L100 x 19 x 15.97,6001,05
TSG-5L125 x 19 x 12.77,6001,05
TSG-6L150 x 25 x 15,96,0001,58

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