Yokota YZ-T Cordless Shut-Off Impulse Wrenches

Cordless Shut-Off Impulse Wrenches - Tool Selection


Yokota YZ-T cordless impulse wrenches with shut-off are powerful, very accurate and most important, have no kick-back. The very compact design offers great accessibility to the joint. Tightening bolts with torque levels up to 60 Nm with very high speed and remarkably low reaction forces. Adjusting the tool settings for the specific bolted joint is done by Programming Console PC-1-YZ-T and cable CC-1. Auditory and visual feedback on the result of the screwing process.

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YZ-T Key Features
  • With built-in retention in the square drive
  • No kickback
  • High speed fastening
  • Hybrid technology
  • Servo drive brushless motor

Sizing Options

Please visit Rami Yokota website for full technical specifications & data sheets »

TypeSquare / Hex DriveBolt Capacity mm
YZ-T600A1/4″ Hex6
YZ-T600E3/8″ Sq.6
YZ-T800A1/4″ Hex6-8
YZ-T800E3/8″ Sq.6-8
YZ-T900E3/8″ Sq.8-10
YZ-T950E3/8″ Sq.8-10