Double chamber air motor, lightweight, angle, straight & pistol models

Standard Impulse Wrenches - Introduction


Yokota Industrial High quality standard Impulse Wrenches have been used widely in the assembly industry for many years where high speed and repeatable tightening are a key requirement, now adopted across many industry sectors setting the benchmark for fastening tools.

Coupling this with virtually no vibration or torque kick back makes the Yokota impulse wrench range one of the safest and most accurate fastening tool programs on the market today.

Yokota impulse wrenches have been developed to enable users to operate them constantly without fear of reaching restrictive legal EAV and ELV levels. Incorporating features such as, double air chamber motors & twin blade impulse units in a light weight ergonomic design , Yokota impulse wrenches are essential for safe, high speed and accurate tightening security.

Use me for…

For any application, where access to the joint is difficult, we are able to provide tailor made impulse wrenches. Send us your enquiry or contact us.


  • Short operating time
  • Good levels of clamp force
  • High levels of toque accuracy
  • High level of repeatability
  • Low vibration

Sizing Options

  • Tool range covering 6-490Nm
  • Suitable for all assembly applications where operator feedback isn’t required
  • Double & single air chamber motors with twin blade impulse units
  • Suitable for applications ¬†where high repeatability is required
  • Low vibration with no kick back